We love to visit the other Virgin Islands, each one has a subtlety unique vibe and their own stories, though each island is intimately connected. St John is of course my favorite, because it’s home. You won’t find a McDonald’s or Target here, mostly “mom + pop” small businesses. The journey to St John is typically a flight to St Thomas, then a bumpy, winding taxi ride to the other side to catch the Red Hook Ferry. Once the ferry rumbles into the tiny village of Cruzbay and you step off the boat onto the dock, a calm sets in. If you’re anything like me on vacation, once you arrive you will want to find the nearest snack and cocktail stat. I have compiled a short list of my current favorites on St John. First, I must admit that I have a pit in my stomach for not having listed everyone. Perhaps one day I’ll create a more comprehensive travel guide to St John, but today here are my favorites the best food, drinks, trails and beaches. I captured all of these photographs post Hurricanes Irma and Maria, over the last week. St John Still Nice.



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